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Whether you’re a pro athlete, have just started doing exercise, at our amazing Pilates classes in Vasant Kunj, we make you perform the most adaptable exercises that focus on body alignment and strengthen core. We know the demand of the clients and their needs. There are a lot of Pilates exercises that can be modified to suit fitness level, age as well as gender. So, here are the top classes of Pilates. Have a look:

  1. Mat Pilates: It is performed on the floors using exercises or yoga mat. It encourages controlled breathing while working through body weight resisted movement to build core strength. It involves basic pilates equipment like: ring, resistance band, weighted balls and also light dumbells. 
  2. Contemporary Pilates: Contemporary pilates are influenced by movement and physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques. There is a large focus on understanding anatomy and scientific reasons behind each and every exercise. 
  3. Classical Pilates: Classical pilates closely follows the original Pilates system. These exercises generally follow a flow and sequence and bring out the positive results for the people.  
  4. Clinical Pilates: Clinical Pilates are one of the safe and effective exercises that meet the specific individual’s needs. It is often used in combination with physical therapy to help you recover from injuries or to manage a serious physical condition.
  5. Dynamic Pilates: Dynamic Pilates, goes a step ahead of the classical pilates. It helps improve the strength and fitness through a combination of slow and fast paced movements, both on and off the reformer. 

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